If you have arrived at the point in your business ownership tenure where you are ready to sell, OR, if you are just starting to put your succession plan together to sell your business in the relatively near future, LET’S TALK!

Our regional market demographics dictate that our area is going to see a significant turnover in independent business ownership. As this trend takes effect it will become increasingly more competitive, and you will require the expertise of a specialist focused on:

  • Learning the details of your business and consulting on any key performance indicators and improvement opportunities
  • Conducting financial analysis and working with professional advisors to arrive at an appropriate valuation
  • Quietly, confidentially, and effectively marketing your business to qualified buyers in a very targeted, discreet, and strategic manner

Selling your business is one of the most complex undertakings you will ever go through. Most have not planned for and have limited or no experience when it comes to selling their business and that is where my value comes in.

Strictly based on your preference, I can work quietly, ensuring that the fact that you are selling does not become public knowledge, but rather I have methodologies for reaching buyers in such a way that nobody will know it is YOUR business that is for sale. The objective is to recruit qualified buyers leveraging some key financial facts, the type of service or product provided by your business, and the nature of your industry in very generalized terms along with some key factors about your business that will generate curiosity and yield inquiries.

You are engaged the entire way, and we work TOGETHER to design and execute the plan!


If you are considering SELLING your business, CALL ME!


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