Commercial Real Estate

The term COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE (also called commercial property, investment property or income property) refers to buildings or land intended to generate a profit, either from capital gain or rental income. The commercial real estate that I am most comfortable working with includes office buildings, strip malls, retail spaces, multifamily residential / apartment buildings, warehouses and light industrial buildings. Whether you are an investor looking to buy, a business owner looking to rent, an owner looking to sell, a property manager looking for tenants or a tenant looking for your first apartment, I can help!

The City of Thunder Bay maintains strict regulations on commercial zoning, and have the authority to designate any zoned area as such; a business must be located in a commercial area or area zoned at least partially for commerce. For more information about City of Thunder Bay Zoning, visit

There are several basic elements of a Commercial Real Estate investment, including cash IN-FLOWS, OUT-FLOWS, timing of cash flows, and risk. It is critical to conduct thorough analysis of these elements prior to committing to making an offer and ultimately purchasing a commercial property. I take a ‘deep dive’ with each one of my clients to establish the investment criteria, understand the current financial situation and appetite for risk, and only make recommendations that fit with your decisions.

Commercial real estate deals can get confusing, and another key role I play is taking the ‘mystery’ out of commercial real estate. I prefer to talk in regular, simple terms that make sense rather than confusing you with terms like ‘triple net’, ‘true-ups’, ‘CAP rates’, etc., and I take pride in ensuring that you understand the deal thoroughly. I do this by utilizing my verification skills and ensuring that you reach out to other professionals if / when required for advice and information that will educate you to the point of comfort in making a commitment.


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