YOU WANT TO BUY A BUSINESS! Maybe it is an investment intended to diversify your portfolio, perhaps you currently own a business and want to grow and expand, or maybe you want to buy a business that can employ you and a few family members.

Regardless of what has inspired your goals and objectives, your experience, skill set and ultimately your financial situation will all be taken into consideration as you work with me to identify the right business for you to buy. Here are some of the fundamental activities I will engage to help you make your dream of business ownership come to fruition:

  • Help you to get ‘financially qualified’ so that when you see the business you want, you are READY TO TAKE ACTION
  • Fully explore your skills and your knowledge to match you with the RIGHT business
  • Explore any / all funding sources that may be available
  • Help you to understand the market
  • I can work with you to identify businesses you have interest in and contact them directly to find out if they are ready and willing to sell
    • FYI: While engaging this process I do NOT reveal WHO the prospective buyer is.
  • Upon identifying a business that is for sale, I assist you with:
    • Learning, exactly, WHAT is for sale
    • Financial analysis
    • Identifying key performance indicators and improvement opportunities
    • Work closely with you and your other professional advisors to verify of value, facilitate negotiations, manage all related documentation
    • Deal structuring

Buying a business can involve a series of very complex issues and my role is to facilitate the process to ensure that ALL these issues are addressed, managed, and dealt with. This may mean engaging a lawyer, an accountant, a Chartered Business Valuator, or another of many other professional services advisors . . . it is MY job to advise you WHEN to engage WHO to ensure that you are aware of every aspect of your purchase, and that you are getting what you expect!


If you are considering BUYING a business, CALL ME!


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