Blaine Carlson

Sales Representative


A proven senior sales leader and top producer committed to contributing to overall client success while passionately curious and professionally persistent. Blaine patiently invests his time and effort to clearly understand his clients’ needs by engaging the relationship through asking great questions, sound market research, fact checking and financial analysis yielding critical details utilized to develop unique, innovative ideas and solutions that fit specific requirements. He is a high-level negotiator, strategic thinker, and relentlessly and consistently exceeds his clients’ expectations.

Buying or selling commercial real estate or a business can be complex. The processes involved in making a sound investment in a multi-residential property, buying a commercial office building with ground floor retail space, selling a multi-purpose building, finding the best option to open the second location of your already successful business, getting prepared to sell your business or mustering up the courage to buy a business all open up a variety of variables.

From understanding market value theories compared to actual values related to real market activity, to matching your skills, knowledge and ambition to the right opportunity and knowing where and how to get started, Blaine will guide you along the pathway to achieving your goals and objectives by way of employing his proven methodologies.

Perhaps most importantly, Blaine knows when the time is right for you to seek the advice and expertise that he doesn’t have whether it be from professionals like a building inspector, a structural engineer, an electrical or mechanical professional to a financial advisor, a commercial banker, a private financier, a tax specialist, an insurance professional, an accountant or a lawyer.

Fully transparent and ultimately accountable for decisions, actions, and their results, he is continuously seeking process improvement opportunities, and always looking to learn and grow.

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