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One of the most emotionally charged, yet exciting times in ones’ life is making a long-term investment decision in real estate, whether it be residential or commercial!  While expert and legal advice can be overwhelming and time consuming, Blaine Carlson, Accredited Commercial Professional, will guide you through every step of the process with professionalism, confidence, respect, and dignity!

Blaine Carlson is intensely devoted in his commitment to you, the client, in conducting business concerning your life long investment decision.  Blaine believes and insists that, TOGETHER, a clear- cut plan to move forward with sensible, well thought-out decisions, makes the best possible business sense. He always takes the time to understand your specific goals and objectives!

Blaine’s experience and expertise speaks for itself!  With over 20 years in business to business sales and business leadership, Blaine is a licensed member the of Thunder Bay Real Estate Board and is skilled in Negotiation, Marketing and Promotions, Client Needs Analysis, Coaching and Team Building and is a strong consulting professional with a Real Estate Council of Ontario Certificate of Registration focused in Real Estate from Ontario Real Estate College, along with being an Accredited Commercial Professional.

Blaine is a life-long resident of Thunder Bay and along with his wife Laura and their two sons, Jordan and Parker, Blaine and his family are active in supporting this thriving community through volunteering and supporting charitable causes on a regular basis. He takes pride in working every day for the health and welfare of his family and the community he loves so much!  Blaine and his family express gratitude to the community for providing opportunity for earning a living and opportunity for community involvement and in sports, such as hockey, which they have been very much involved in.

For years, it has been the passion for business that is the drive for Blaine Carlson and realizing the need for a focused Commercial Real Estate Division in the Thunder Bay ignited an even a deeper passion to move the idea forward and make it happen.

From the moment of inception to, the actual day of launch, the new platform for the Commercial Real Estate Division was one year in its development.  Along with Mario Tegola, Broker of Record of RE/MAX First Choice Realty Ltd. Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated, located at 846 Mac Donell Street, Thunder Bay, who Blaine has been with for the past four years, the dream became the exclusive reality!  No other real estate company in the history of Thunder Bay, has had a Commercial Real Estate Division.

T. Douglas Murray, CEO, Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission, had, in part, this to say, “Congratulations on the Grand opening of your new commercial real estate division. It is the clear sign of your years of efforts, hard work and dedication. We look forward to working with you and your clients who are investing and moving to Thunder Bay. This fits well with the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development mission of attracting investment to the city. We are very optimistic about future growth of the city.”

It is no secret that with any real estate agent, or broker of record, hours of operation are anything but normal!  One is all over the time map and the map to be exact!  Working early mornings, into late hours, with no set schedule for vacation or even meal time, for that matter, is how most agents are earning their living.  Dealing with high emotions involving buyers and sellers, legal transactions and time constraints, is all part of the hype that makes every day, a day all its own.

Now with the new Commercial Division having launched the first week of June this year (2017), there is even more hype!  With justifiable pride and accomplishment, spearheading this new division endeavor, Blaine Carlson is more than excited about the future of business development in Thunder Bay, and being in commercial real estate, at this time, gives him great vision for the future and what we can pass on to our next generation.

In a personal interview with Mr. Carlson, he stated that “This is just the tip of the iceberg for us at RE/MAX with Mario Tegola Broker of Record!”  “As for myself and my family…we live in a place where many opportunities are presented to us daily and we never want to take any of them for granted!”.  “I want to give to the community and help everyone prosper!”

With the world of technology at our finger tips, business development happens at the speed of a ‘click’!  Agents all over the world conduct business…all over the world!  And for Blaine Carlson, that is exactly what he is doing. Clients from all over the globe can and do seek out commercial investment properties in Thunder Bay and Blaine, with his proven strategies, shares valuable experience and knowledge with them and encourages them to make Thunder Bay their place to develop their business interests through ‘commercial real estate investment’.

With every client from other cities or abroad, Blaine is often the first point of contact and hospitality that the new client will experience! So, we can rest assured we are well represented! The new Commercial Real Estate Division for RE/MAX First Choice Realty Ltd. Brokerage is exciting and when everyone is on the same page about how important economic development is to a community, Commercial real estate is an important vehicle that helps with overall economic development, because no matter where you are standing right now or where you are sitting right now…you are occupying a piece of real estate, whether owned, rented or momentarily borrowed!  Real estate is big business and now there is a Commercial Division opened and ready for you!

Call or text Blaine Carlson directly at 807-631-6463, or email Blaine at blaine@businessmoves.com or online at www.businessmoves.com

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